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Sincerely Yours,
... blue
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7th-Oct-2018 09:45 am - Sincerely, Blue...


Blue Means You

Blue is, well, currently living in the Philippines, and is enjoying her college life. Blue is 17 years old, a Japanese Fan and an Artist. She like drawing things traditionally or digitalized. Blue also draws anything Japanese. Blue can relate, may it be Nihon Language, Anime and Manga, J-Pop, YAOI, Shoujo, Video Games and J-Dorama. She'll -glompstackle- you and with -big sparkly eyes- will say "Konninchiwa, Can we be friends onegaii shimasta?"

also likes reading books, besides Manga of course. Blue like VampireNovels, Tragic Tales, Once Upon A Happy Ever After (Fairytales), also books with Grotesque and Morbid Contents, genre with Angst and Drama plus, Blue has a huge kink in Romantic Catalogs and Verses, SMEXY, intimate stuffs, incest and just plain old "EXTRA ORDINARY". It does the trick for me. In Addition to that, I loooove Shakespeare and Classical Novels, and some Jude Deveroux, Gabriel Marquez, Haruki Murakami, and a lot more... .

Blue is also a MAJOR FAN of:

Hey! Say! JUMP!
Yuri Chinen
Hitachiin Kaoru
Anime / Manga
Japanese Culture
JE Boys
Kingdom Hearts Series
Video Games
Utada Hikaru
Roxas and Sora

.... So many more

What else... hmmm, oh yeah, why is Blue in LiveJournal. Well, She's here to rant about her life, her friends, her favorite OTP, canon to non-con pairings, YAOI, YAOI, her L.O.N.E.L.Y state, Anime, Anime, Manga, J-Pop, J-Dorama, her sketches, some of her fan fiction stories, her... hmm Addiction(-cough-Japanese-cough-).,, have I said YAOI? And, maybe just maybe some random stuffs out of the blue. 

New LiveJournal Account

I deleted my first account, why, because I want a new one! I'm starting a new life after dying for such a long period of time. And, I have my new obsession now. It wont change I swear. =] I'm starting to be lazy again, editing my LJ would be a big work for me but I'll try. Old friends, old friends in LJ, if ever you guys find me "Hello." I'm a reincarnated marshmallow fluff ok. You guys hate YAOI and I [curse me for not liking YAOI in the past] am in to the groove of the Boy's Love Fandom. Oh yes, I'm a bastard corporated in hell. I LOVE whar my "moral" friends DONT.

New Live Journal Account! And You wont know my Old Account Name... -sticks out tounge-  so from now on Blue is Blue and a new person.

What Blue Can Provide You?

  • Blue Does graphics: Avatars, Banners and Wallpapers
  • Blue Draws and Sketch: Anime, Doujinshii's, and Human Portrait
  • Blue Writes Stories: Boy's Love, Shonen-Ai, Shoujo, Fan-Base, Canon to Non-Con
  • Blue Can Provide you with some J-Pop Albums.
  • Blue Does Scanlations

Blue's Top 10 Favorite CANON, Non-CANON OTP(s):

HikaKao (Ouran)
RokuSor (Kingdom Hearts)
PuzzleShipping: YamiYugi (YuGiOh)
Daichii (Hey! Say! Jumppu!)
YohNa (Shaman King)
1827 (Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn)
MobiumShipping: AtemuYugiYami (YuGiOh)
(Hey! Say! Jumppu)
♥ KanZe (Vampire Knight)
 Yabunoo (Hey! Say! Jumppu)

Blue is INACTIVE until SUMMER VACATION starts.

14th-Oct-2009 01:03 am - Finally, I Caught You!
Challenge: Don't Get Caught
Word Count:

Don't get caught-- these were his repeated  thoughts ever since the day he laid eyes on the angel sleeping inside the room of white, lying inside the pod of pure peace and sanctuary—his other half, his someone, his somebody - Sora.

Sora - the vast blue tranquility that exist forever when you gaze above.




Who is Sky?


Who is Sora?


Sora is, well he is, the little brunette with enticing, ocean deep blue eyes; beautiful, cherubic face; attractive, slender form; smooth and seemingly creamy sun kissed skin-- plus-- a being with a grin as bright as a thousand sunshine, an attitude of— an angel, a child, a teen, a human— and especially a person with an obviously too kind of an expandable heart.


And that is— that is Sora in everyone's eyes.

But for Roxas, Sora is simply, Roxas's new found addiction.



Inside the darkness realm and from a distance place of light, a familiar voice called his name, making the blonde nobody snap out of his thoughts and be pulled back from his little reverie. Pouting a little before grinning, Roxas suddenly wrapped his arms around the man who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and also the same young man that kept on poking on his cheeks and calling his name with a giggle, Oh so familiar to Roxas's ears.

"... Yes, Sora?" 
The blonde boy mused before kissing the tip of the brunette’s nose before pulling the boy into a deep and passionate kiss.

Pulling away, the brunette in his arms pouted and punched Roxas’s chest, whiningly.




“…Yes, Sora?”

“Well, I-I finally caught you,"
Sora grinned before burying his face to the crook of his nobody's hair, while his little, scrawny fingers tightly held onto the other's back in a lingering embrace.


“Are you sure?” Roxas asked skeptically as he stroked the little brunette’s small back.


“… I caught you already, please don’t go anymore,” Sora sobbed and held on to Roxas body possessively.

“…Why?” Roxas smiled before lifting the crying brunette’s face and placing a chaste kiss on each of those breathtaking ocean blue hues.


“… Simply because, I finally caught you.”





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